Hipp hurra!

-1-to-1 lessons, from complete beginner to advanced. 

-Focus on vocabulary and communication, grammar in context.

- Gain confidence and start using Norwegian in your daily life!

- Prepare for Norskprøven and Bergenstesten. 

-Easy online booking!


My name is Anita, and I'm from the beautiful west coast of Norway, with fjords and mountains right out of a fairy tale.


I've been teaching Norwegian online since 2014, helping people from all over the world reach their Norwegian goals, whether it's casual conversation practice, travelling, or for work purposes.

I incorporate all skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar) but with an emphasis on conversation and vocabulary. I use a variety of materials, and I have developed a lesson using popular cartoons specifically to help learners understand spoken Norwegian in an entertaining way. 


I am a passionate language learner myself and apart from English, I speak German, Spanish and Russian. My teaching style is largely inspired by the way I learn languages, and of course my students! 

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Norway Lessons Norwegian Teacher Norsk


Choose between 30 and 55 mins.

We use Skype (alternatively  Zoom or Google hangout).
Very easy booking, and you can change the time of the lesson up until 24 hours before start!



Have you been learning Norwegian in class or on your own, but lack the confidence to speak?

Are you taking Norskprøven or Bergenstesten and want to speak more fluently? 

Practice speaking in a relaxed setting, receiving feedback and corrections along the way.

We'll use different speaking exercises, describe pictures and discuss different topics depending on your level and goals!

Har du gått på kurs, men synes fortsatt det er vanskelig å snakke norsk? Skal du ta Norskprøven eller Bergenstesten? I denne timen snakker vi om forskjellige temaer, og du får tips og korrigeringer underveis om du ønsker det! Målet er at du skal bli komfortabel med å bruke norsk på jobb og i fritiden!


Do you want to learn Norwegian, but don't enjoy textbooks or rigid course-programmes?

Learn Norwegian naturally by focusing on vocabulary and communication.  We will learn grammar in chunks and in context, so it's easier to understand.

We will use a variety of materials to make the lessons creative, engaging and enjoyable. You will learn more if you're enjoying the process. 

Fokus på vokabular og samtale. Vi bruker forskjellige materialer som bilder, tekster, videoer og oppgaver.



Do you struggle with understanding spoken Norwegian? Looking for an enjoyable and effective method to improve?

Improve listening comprehension and vocabulary in a fun and completely unique way!

Watch an episode before the lesson and learn useful words and common phrases at your own pace from an accompanying wordlist.

3 levels: A1-A2, A2-B1,  B1-B2

Forbedre norsken din ved å se på en morsom tegnefilm! Bli flinkere til å forstå muntlig norsk, og lær nye ord og nyttige uttrykk. Velg mellom 3 nivåer.

MER NORSK (fra B1)

Learn more Norwegian by focusing on a specific topic! Norwegian in use.

Improve speaking, listening, reading, grammar and vocabulary with a specific topic each lesson. Topics are related to Norwegian culture, society, hobbies, work etc. Materials include news articles, texts, TV-episodes, music etc. Prepare as much as you want/can before the lesson.

Timene fokuserer på et nytt tema hver gang.

Vi bruker for eksempel TV-episoder og artikler, og  lærer om  temaet, vokabular, og naturlig språkbruk.

Resources for learning Norwegian