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Bursdagsfesten (engelsk)

Lise had a birthday and was going to celebrate with a big party in her backyard. Lise made pizza and baked a couple of cakes. Then she decorated the garden. She hung lights and balloons in the trees. It looked amazing!

At seven o'clock all the guests arrived. They were impressed when they saw the beautiful garden with lights hanging in the trees. They thought it was very cozy there. They toasted with champagne. They turned up the music, and danced and enjoyed themselves.

Lise received many gifts. She opened them right away.

She got clothes, makeup, and chocolate. One friend gave her an exciting book. The book was about a ghost, and Lise was looking forward to reading it.

One friend gave her a small robot. Lise was surprised. She was an adult woman, and the robot looked like a toy.

But the robot was so cute! And it had a little hat on its head. It could talk and dance. The robot sang and danced. Lise and her friends laughed. It was top entertainment.

Then Lise brought out the birthday cake she had baked. They sang the birthday song, and everyone got a piece. Lise opened another bottle of wine. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Around midnight the guests went home. Lise was tired. She went to bed as soon as the guests left.

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