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Mystisk brunost (engelsk)

It was a completely ordinary Sunday morning. The Plopp family was sitting and eating breakfast in the kitchen. Bread and different toppings/spread were on the table. Everyone was eating bread slices with toppings. The parents were drinking coffee. The children, Purre and Polly, had orange juice.

Polly Plopp really liked brown cheese, but the brown cheese was not on the table that day. It was in the fridge. Polly fetched it. Then she took a chair and went out onto the porch and sat down. She wanted to look at the view while she ate. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining.

Polly took a bite of the bread slice. It tasted wonderful! But then something happened. She felt a bit strange. Was the cheese old? Was the cheese bad? She became dizzy. She should go back inside.

The rest of the family was still in the kitchen. Suddenly they saw something strange. A bread slice with brown cheese came flying into the kitchen.

 - Look! A flying bread slice! said daddy Plopp, shocked.

 - And a flying glass! What in the world is going on? said mommy Plopp.

 - No, help! Stop! cried Purre as the chair he was sitting on slid out of the kitchen.

Daddy Plopp ran after Purre into the living room. He grabbed the chair with both hands.

 - Is there a ghost here? he shouted.

 - Who is doing this? asked mommy Plopp. In the living room, strange things happened. They stood aghast and watched. They saw things fall from shelves. They saw drawers open. Money and keys came out of the drawers and floated around. A book came out of a cabinet. Daddy Plopp got a pillow in the head. Then the window opened. Suddenly the light was turned off. It became completely dark.

 -Help, who turned off the light? Turn it back on right away! I can't see anything! said Purre.
Purre was scared. He ran into the kitchen.

 - No, enough is enough! This is not fun anymore! said daddy Plopp. He tried to sound angry, but he was scared. His voice trembled.

 - Stop this nonsense! My coffee is getting cold! said mommy Plopp.

The Plopp family thought it was a ghost doing all this. Suddenly they noticed that Polly Plopp was not there.

 - Where is Polly? asked mommy Plopp.

 - She went and sat on the porch, replied daddy Plopp. Daddy Plopp opened the porch door. Everyone went out. It was empty. No one was sitting there.

They stood on the porch. Now they didn't know what to do. Should they get in the car and drive away? Should they call for help? Or should they just stand and watch their furniture fly around in the living room?

Suddenly they saw a piece of paper. It came towards them. Mommy Plopp took the paper. There was a message on the paper. Mommy Plopp read aloud:

"I became invisible when I ate the bread slice with brown cheese. I don't know what to do. Help me!!!  Polly."

Mommy Plopp laughed. The others looked at her strangely. They didn't understand what was so funny. Mommy Plopp became serious again. She shook her head.

 - No, ugh! I did some experiments with the brown cheese last week, but don't worry, I know what needs to be done.

Mommy Plopp knew exactly what she had to do. She hurried into the kitchen. Purre and daddy Plopp waited on the porch in the meantime. Mommy Plopp opened and closed the fridge. Then she found something in the cupboard. They wondered what she was doing.

Then she came back with a glass of chocolate milk in her hand. She held the glass out in the air.

 - Here! Drink this! This will make you visible again. They watched as the glass was emptied. And presto, Polly was standing there.

 - I didn't mean to scare you, but I had to find a way to get in touch with you! I couldn't speak. I texted Purre Plopp, but he didn't see it. I tried to call you, but you didn't hear it. I was desperate. So I looked for a pen and paper. I had to write a message.

 - I'm just glad it wasn't a ghost! said daddy Plopp.

Everyone was relieved. Mommy Plopp threw the rest of the brown cheese in the trash can. Then they sat down around the kitchen table again. They could finally continue with their breakfast.

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