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Guri og talentkonkurransen - the bilingual version!
Ordliste med nyttige ord fra hvert kapittel + engelsk versjon

Nå kan du lese Guri og talentkonkurransen på norsk OG engelsk! 


Guri lives with her cat in a weird town called Skrullerud where no one dances and everybody wears sweatpants.

Guri works in a clothes store and loves to dance in her free time.

One day Guri decides to sign up for a talent show. You see, Guri loves to dance. But she has to keep it a secret.


Join Guri on her crazy adventure while taking your Norwegian to the next level.


Improve your Norwegian while reading an entertaining story!

  • Vocabulary list with selected words and phrases from each chapter. 
  • Read the chapter first in Norwegian. How much  did you understand?
  • Read the chapter again in English.