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Familien Plopp går seg vill (engelsk)

Plopp family gets lost in the forest

The Plopp family went on a trip in the forest on a beautiful day in April. They made sandwiches and took out apples and biscuits, which they put in a backpack. They also brought a couple of water bottles and a thermos with coffee.

They walked into the forest. Birds were singing, and the sun was shining. They found a nice spot by a small stream and put down their backpack there. They wanted to explore the rest of the forest.

They went deeper into the forest. They walked past rocks and stumps.

They also saw some rabbits hopping and bouncing around. But after a while, they started to get tired and decided to take a shortcut back to the picnic spot by the stream.

It went well for a while, but suddenly they stopped at a large rock. They had not seen that one before! They looked around, but they simply did not recognize the place. They couldn't remember where they came from. Everything looked the same. They had no idea which direction to go.

The Plopp family became very worried. They were also getting hungry. 

They had not eaten anything since breakfast. But the backpack was still by the stream.

Finally, they found a place to sit. They sat down on some rocks. They had to take a break before searching further. They picked some blueberries to eat, but they were also very thirsty.

They needed to find water.


After a short while, they heard a familiar sound. The sound of running water! They followed the sound and saw the stream in the distance. They ran as fast as they could towards the stream. Luckily, the backpack was still there. They ate up all the food and drank all the water. They decided that they would never do anything so foolish again.

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