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Hyttetur (engelsk)

Last weekend, the Plopp family went on a cabin trip. It was a beautiful winter day in November.

They packed the car full of food and equipment. They brought skis and winter clothes.

They drove quite a distance. The cabin was located in the mountains. It was so beautiful there.


 Mom Plopp unlocked the door, and they went into the hallway. There they took off their jackets and shoes. They hung their jackets on the hook and put their shoes on the floor.

The living room had a fireplace and a comfortable sofa. There was a table by the window. Around the table were four chairs. On the wall hung a beautiful painting. A lamp hung from the ceiling.

The parents went skiing. The children played in the snow.

They made a snowman and went sledding.

They stayed outside until it got dark. Then they went back inside. They lit candles and started a fire in the fireplace. In the evening, they played board games. They drank hot chocolate and ate buns.

At ten o'clock, they began to get tired. They went to bed.

The next day they woke up early. They sat outside on the porch for a while and enjoyed the sun. They drank several cups of coffee while reading some old magazines. A little later, they got in the car and drove home. It had been a great trip.

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