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Plopp og tidsmaskinen (engelsk)

Plopp Family and the time machine.

The Plopp family loved science. Their house was full of inventions. They had, for example, a dancing refrigerator. Nobody understood why the Plopp family needed it. A refrigerator that could dance? "Nonsense," said the neighbors.

One day, while they were eating dinner, the youngest Purre Plopp had an idea. He suggested that they could make a time machine.

Everyone agreed. They thought it was a brilliant idea.

 - We'll start right away! said Mama Plopp.

 - Absolutely! We need a broom, four forks, a black chair, and a rubber boot, said Papa Plopp.

He loved new challenges. This was going to be fun! It took many weeks, but finally, the time machine was finished. They were looking forward to trying the new invention.

 - Where shall we go? asked Papa Plopp.

 - We'll go back to 1998! said Polly Plopp.

 - Wonderful! Yippee! Fantastic! replied the rest of the family. Everyone thought it was a great idea.

They got into the time machine. Mama Plopp pressed the button. The time machine started. They whizzed through time. The time machine made strange noises. They were very excited. Two seconds later, they arrived. They stepped out of the time machine.

 - Wow, that was fast! said Mama Plopp.

 - I can't believe it worked! said Papa Plopp. They were excited to explore 1998.

Everything looked different. People wore different clothes. No one had smartphones.

 - Look at those funny clothes! said Polly Plopp.

 - Look at those funny hairstyles! said Purre Plopp.

 - Come on, let's go in here, said Papa Plopp, opening the door to a store.

They went into the store. It was a CD store. The Plopp family didn't know what that was.

They became very curious. They bought a Spice Girls CD.

They also bought a CD player so they could listen to it at home.

Then they walked past a movie theater.

 - Shall we go in here? asked Purre Plopp. They bought four tickets. Then they bought soda and popcorn at the kiosk before going into the auditorium and sitting down.

The movie was called Titanic. They liked it, but they cried because it was so sad. After the movie, they sent a postcard to themselves in the future. They wrote about the funny clothes, the exciting CD store, and the sad movie.

The family laughed and had a good time. Then they traveled back with their new CD player. It had been a fun experience.

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